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Our Sponsors

Divine Endowments, Inc. applaud our Sponsors. Together, WE create endless opportunities.

The Learning Playhouse
Ms. Latryce Noel
Mrs. Daphne Maxwell Reid
Mr. Robert Roby
Mr. Jesse Vaughan


As Divine Endowments, Inc. enters into yet another great year, we wish to share our sincere expressions of gratitude and appreciation for your continued support of our mission. We have worked together to push such a great vision, "...a community, a state, a nation, and a world where potential is maximized, and every child receives a curriculum rich, premium early childhood, education no matter their family's financial status." and our supporters have made that possible. On behalf of Divine Endowments Inc., and the exceptional minds cultivated by our program, we say…Thank You!

We have made grand strides since our beginning and 2015 has proven to be nothing less than remarkable. We deeply value the gifts, time, talents and treasures of each of our supporters as together we have enhanced the quality of early childhood education and development, invested in the future, and changed the world.

This year will be “A Year of Celebration,” not only of our accomplishments and investments within the communities over the years, but also of what is to come, and who better to share it with than supporters like YOU!

Best wishes to you and your families for a prosperous year!

-Divine Endowments, Inc.

As long as a child stands with an outreached hand seeking nothing more than an education, my passion and our mission will live on!