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Our Plan
​Divine Endowments, Inc. serves as the only nonprofit organization in the State of Virginia with the main objective of Bridging the Gap and providing funding assistance for early childhood educational development for qualified economically self-sufficient families, fully taking advantage of the First Five

Divine Endowments, Inc. addresses the needs of the Richmond Metropolitan Area, serving as a catalyst fostering a three way partnership between the client, Divine Endowments, Inc. and qualified early childhood development and educational facilities. Through this partnership, Divine Endowments, Inc. is committed to funding at 40%, the monthly tuition cost of attendance at a qualified early childhood development and educational facility with the remaining 60% to be covered by the client. Divine Endowments, Inc. has a unique niche as it opens up opportunities to early childhood development and educational assistance to qualified economically self-sufficient families that do not qualify for assistance through any other means. Opportunities created by Divine Endowments, Inc. are built on a partnership between the organization, the client, early childhood development and educational facilities and our sponsors. This partnership is driven by the desire of all parties for a strong early childhood development and educational foundation to support life-long educational success.

Divine Endowments, Inc. explores several avenues for funding and will continuously reinvent and create opportunities and funding resources to support its nonprofit efforts. These avenues include, but are not limited to donations, corporate and private sponsorships, fundraising and grants.

Divine Endowments proudly partners with Union First Market Bank and TransFirst for financial processing.

Whats New...
America's future will be defined, and our progress determined, by the doors we open and the support we offer our nation's young people.

-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder
Did You Know...

$4,800.00        funds a full year of education
$400.00           funds a month of education
$92.31             funds a week of education
$18.46             funds a day of education
$2.31               funds an hour of education